World champion dancers cut loose and steal over 3M hearts

This super fun to watch couple are Sophie Allaf and Thomas Audon. They started dancing together four years ago but it’s like they’ve been doing so for longer than those four years as you’ll see.

Sophie began her love for dancing with ballet when she was just five years old.

Thomas meanwhile began with ballroom dance and acrobatic rock’n roll at the young age of seven.

They’re quite the talented duo.

Sophie and Thomas’ first steps together saw them become French champions in boogie woogie four times. They also reached 3rd place in the World ranking list in 2014.

In 2015, these two won World cup in boogie-woogie Main class in Winterthur, Swizerland, then took 2nd place in boogie-woogie World cup held in Ljubjana, Slovenia.

Sophie and Thomas are still dancing today. They teach boogie-woogie, lindy-hop salsa and ballroom social dance in both, national and inernational levels.

And to reach an even bigger audience, they set up a YouTube channel where they showcase their dance skills all while allowing viewers to follow the steps they do.

So here’s Sophie and Thomas with a really fun, yet easy to follow dance for the song “Do you love me” by The Contours.

It’s a really catchy tune from 1962 but this French couple added their own little 2021 flavor to it.

The steps are super easy, all you need is an open space to follow them.

Looks really fun too!

Even those of us who aren’t really dancers can get into the swing of it and just have a great time.

Say what you want but it’s fun to let loose every now and then.

No one’s watching anyway.

Warm up and stretch a little. It’s a lot of side stepping with a lot of hip action.

But it really is easy! Even the viewers love it!

“Everything about this is just wonderful; this adorable couple radiates charm and personality! Thank you for this, you made my otherwise lousy day much better. Blessings to you!” says one in the comments.

Another happy viewer said, “I have noticed tha the greatest majority of dance videos are done to 60’s rock, when music was MADE to be danced to, and this couple besides being damn good seem to be having a good time doing it! Rock on!”

You could do this dance alone, with a partner, or better yet with your best buds!

Sophie’s smile is so warm and inviting, while Thomas who can’t help but sing as he dances just exudes fun.

Bet you’re itching to clear that area and get moving now. Best part is you don’t even need to be well dressed for this.

If these two awesome dancers can dance barefoot then so can you.

Hit play below for this super fun dance!

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