Attraction make Amanda Holden CRY… ?VIDEO

The attraction is the Hungarian shadow theater group, which won the 7th series of the British talent show. Attraction has 12 members, but only 8 have made it to the British Talent Show. The eight participants included Katalin Torda, Alexandra Toth, Norbert Feher, Andrea Lakatos, Zoltan Sych, Csaba Sentinek, Flora Sabados and Janka Kantor. At the audition, they submitted a story about a couple who meet, get married and have a daughter.

The father goes to war and dies tragically. The piece ended with mother and daughter visiting his grave. The performance was based on “Read All About It, Part III” by Emeli Sande. Many spectators and female judges were moved to tears. In their semi-final, they portrayed the story of a man who grew up next to his mother.

However, on a trip with his lover, he learns that his mother is ill. Then his mother dies, but he rejoices when his lover reveals that she is pregnant. Their performance was based on the real life story of Zoltan based on Footprints in the Sand by Leona Lewis. They won their semi-final and consequently went straight to the final.