She is super cute! Daddy starts playing “Boogie Woogie” and little girl steals spotlight… ?VIDEO

Arthur Migliazza is a popular boogie-woogie pianist who has won numerous titles and awards. At the age of 13, his love of music and impressive dedication to the piano placed him under the wing of mentors and teachers such as Henry Butler, Ann Rabson, and Mr. sold-out Kings of Boogie Tour.

Birdland Jazz Club in New York, Benaroya Hall in Seattle and many other places have gathered thousands of fans for Arthur. And while he may be used to playing in front of thousands of enthusiastic jazz fans, playing for his daughter certainly makes the father smile even more. She is super cute!

So he sits down and plays a little boogie-woogie jam on the piano, allowing Mattea to stretch his legs and dance an adorable little bop that will melt the heart of any father who watches the clip. She definitely looks like a future musician. Whether she will be another famous pianist or dancer, one can only guess. But since Mattea is the future, she could probably be both a dancer and a pianist!