12-year-old performs “Dance Monkey” with so much swagger the judges can’t say no

I did not see her dance coming at all. For someone so sweet and quiet in conversation, she radiates confidence on the stage.

Children singers are not an unusual sight at talent shows like America’s Got Talent.

Young boys and girls have tried to impress the judges of the show many a time.

In some cases they were successful, while a few times judges were not really excited and asked them to work hard and return in a few years when their voice will have been properly trained.

But sometimes, they’ll surprise you.
Sometimes there are kids that you just can’t ignore. Little boys and girls whose talent is natural and you can’t help but admit that they are meant to sing.

Her talent was instantly obvious.
Even from the first few lyrics she sang, it was clear that she had a talent for it.

The song that she’d picked was Dance Monkey, and her rendition was nothing like the ones we’ve heard before.

See Annie work her feet for the Golden Buzzer below!

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