G FORCE sing original song “Simon Says” on America’s Got Talent… GFORCE is unstoppable. ?VIDEO

GFORCE is a vocal group from the 14th season of America’s Got Talent. They were eliminated in the quarterfinals. GFORCE is a young and energetic girl group consisting of 5 best friends from the Greater Toronto Area. Members Ava Ro, Holly Gorski, Michela Luci, Sarah De Carvalho and Sienna Pesino are known for their strong character and ability to set and achieve goals.

The girls are proud to say that the day they created GFORCE, the goal of auditioning for America’s Got Talent was added to the very top of their dream board. A video audition for season 13 of AGT caught the attention of the producers, but did not result in an invitation to a live audition. The girls were determined to work harder next season, and they gradually began to realize their dream through the strategic use of their eponymous “GFORCE” method. GFORCE’s music explores different eras and genres, experimenting with a unique combination of rap, pop melodies and gangster vocals.

Although they are often asked if they imitate legendary girl groups, they proudly reply, “They are a great inspiration to us, but we love doing our own thing!” The girls are hard at work making great music, but also plan to become motivational speakers and successful business owners. GFORCE’s mission is to listen to your own music on the radio, create your own TV show, and share your message and positive energy with the world… GFORCE is unstoppable!