Twin sisters have a lot in common, but this is quite incredible. They give birth to daughters less than 2 hours apart on their own b-day… ?VIDEO

Twin sisters Amber and Autumn have a lot in common, but it’s incredible. Sometimes a coincidence seems like fate. For a pair of twins from Knoxville, Tennessee, the small miracle of concurrent pregnancy has taken on a big meaning and made room for joy in their lives. When they gave birth on the same day, it was a chance to heal past sorrows and look forward to the future and all the surprises that life brings.

They were also pregnant at the same time and lived in the same area. For two people who have been close all their lives, it was another experience that strengthened their bond. But what they didn’t know was that they would have even more experience to share in parallel. Without even trying, these twins delivered their babies on the same day. They were given delivery rooms nearby, and they had the same doctor.

Although not in the same room, they seemed to be sharing experiences. Autumn had her baby 90 minutes before Amber’s baby was due. Being in neighboring hospital wards, it was as if they still knew what was going on with each other.

Amber said “Good morning America”: “Autum gave birth and we heard a faint scream… My husband knocked on the wall to congratulate her. After 90 minutes we delivered and they answered with the same knock.” This sweet exchange between the sisters was nothing compared to the joy they both felt when they held their children in their arms.