Aunt shares brilliant trick she uses to tell her identical triplet nephews apart…

She will never mess up again! When Amy Jo Hasselquist learned that her brother and his wife would soon add to their family, she had no idea that the family would become three, not one. Her daughter-in-law Krystal was expecting triplets, which meant the family would soon be six as the couple already has an older son. When the boys were born, they remained in the intensive care unit for three months after being born at 29 weeks.

Crystal, who spent countless hours in the ICU trying to support her children and give them the strength to fight for their lives, at one point began to wonder how she could tell them apart. The babies were identical triplets, which meant they looked exactly the same.

So, after discussing with the nurses and observing what other parents are doing, she came to the conclusion that color coding would be a great idea to help her tell her sons apart. “When (Krystal) spent those three months in the ICU with babies, she talked a lot with the nurses and they talked a lot about how other mothers of large families dye their babies to make sure they know who is who.