18-month old twins Stella and Lilah hold a short meeting in a laundry basket to have a discussion… ?VIDEO

Any parent of young children will surely agree with this: everything that your child does is literally mesmerizing. Whether it’s their laughter, their smile, or just looking at you, everything they do warms the heart.

As kids grow up and start trying to discover things, what they end up doing can be extremely charming and fun. Luckily, we live in a time where we have plenty of ways to record the cute and silly things our kids do.
To be able to capture and preserve these moments is priceless.

A simple video you share with your friends can spread like wildfire for everyone to watch and enjoy. Here’s what happened to this mom whose video went viral. It all started with twins in a laundry basket. The mother of 18-month-old twins captured an irresistible moment between her precious little ones.