Most adorable moment of the evening. Toddler steals the show at the A.Einstein College of Medicine graduation ceremony and gives mom her M.D. ?VIDEO

When she brought her children to the ceremony, she expected everything to go more smoothly than it does now. Rebecca Epstein is a mother of two and a student at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She received her medical doctorate (MD, from the Latin Medicinae Doctor) after many years of study and hard work. Not only that, she combined her studies with two children who needed to be taken care of at the same time! She attended the opening ceremony along with her young child and a toddler by her side.

They did not just come to support her – they went on stage with her to accept the award. How cute is that? She has her hands full with the baby in one hand, and with the other she tries to guide her baby in the right direction. Not only that, she has to arrange handshakes and a degree. Her adorable baby jumps around the stage. His hand is open and ready to take the top hat from the Chancellor.

I don’t think he expected to see this when he came to hand out the awards today! It takes some preparation to get the little boy to turn around to face the audience and take a picture. His mom points out in the crowd where their family sits so he knows where to look. Everyone is beaming with happiness, looking at this charming baby.