Newborn has the sweetest reaction to dad after hearing his voice for the first time…

They say that anyone can be a father, but to be a father, you need a real man. And the best fathers begin fatherhood before their children leave the womb. Flavio Dantas from Brazil was a wonderful father and father even before the birth of his daughter.

He talked to her every single day while she was in her mother’s womb, filling her with love, positivity and self-respect. If the father spoke lovingly to the unborn child, the child forms an emotional bond with the father. Dad’s voice can have a calming and soothing effect on a child because a familiar sound lets the child know they are safe.

Dantas has given his daughter Antonella a lot of hope when she finally arrives. “Every day I talked to my daughter in the womb, I always told her that I love her, that dad is there, and that I will be the best father in the world!” Dantas announced this on Instagram.