This is unbelievable. Interracial couple give birth to rare black and white twins for the second time… ?VIDEO

Alison Spooner and Dean Durrant fell in love and got married. They were thrilled when they found out they were having twins! Alison and Dean were starting a family and preparing to become parents. They knew that raising twins would not be easy, but they were very excited. Everyone was delighted when they saw two babies. They have different skin colors.

One of the twins was blond and had blonde hair like her mother. But the second twin had dark skin and hair like her father. The twin’s parents said that while other people are amazed by the uniqueness of the children, other people will make tactless comments. Some would accuse them of lying that the two girls were not and cannot be related because of the color of their skin. Others would even demand proof.

Seven years later, Alison got pregnant with twins again! That’s how she gave birth to two beautiful girls, and yes, the same thing happened. The babies, who were named Leah and Mia, also had different skin colors. Mia looked like her father, with dark skin and dark hair. Her twin sister Leah inherited fair skin, blue eyes and even red hair from her mother.