24 hours with a Newborn baby… ?VIDEO

You’ve probably planned and prepared for what labor and pushing will be like, or maybe even a C-section for your delivery. But few people think about what to expect when their baby is born. It’s usually a whirlwind of different tests, procedures, tons of swaddling, breastfeeding practices, and more.

The first 24 hours of a child’s life will fly by. However, every parent should be prepared for what to expect. Here’s what you can expect on the first day of your baby’s life if you have a healthy (naturally born) baby in the hospital. Once your baby is born, the doctor will suck out his/her mouth and nose with a bulb syringe. This will remove any mucus and amniotic fluid in his airways.

After that, the medical staff will usually place the baby on your chest (if the baby is feeling well). The nurses start examining your baby when your doctor clamps the cord (unless you choose to do delayed cord clamping) and cuts the cord (or your partner cuts the cord).