Baby’s incredible reaction to mom’s singing… ?VIDEO

Mary Lynn Leroux loves it so much when her mom sings “My Heart Can’t Say No to You” that brings her to tears. We know what you’re probably thinking: “A YouTube video can’t make me cry.” But seriously, get your tissues out: because 10-month-old Mary Lynn Leroux’s reaction to her mom’s singing is heartbreakingly adorable.

“Mom will sing a song,” Amanda Leroux coos to a giggling Mary Lynn at the beginning of the video. “Do you want your mother to sing a song, dear? Let me know how you feel about this song.”

Amanda starts playing Rod Stewart’s “My Heart Can’t Say No to You”… And Mary Lynn loves it so much she’s literally moved to tears. “No one can explain why, not even me. I can sing any other song and not get the same reaction from it,” Amanda told Storyful (via Yahoo). “It’s too cute to keep everything to yourself.”