This is so heartwarming! Cutest baby dances to her dad’s guitar play… ?VIDEO

Making music can improve neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to form new pathways as a result of “experience” or learning through stimuli such as sound, sensation, movement, and attention). Music can also enhance synaptic connections between brain cells, possibly enhancing speech as well as cognitive and social development.

Music lessons also contribute to the physical development of the child. Dancing to the rhythm is a form of active play that strengthens the growing muscles in your loved one’s arms, legs and torso. Tools and finger games encourage fine motor skills, preparing your cutie’s fingers and hands for activities like writing and drawing. Singing your favorite song even exercises your baby’s mouth and lip muscles!

And of course, just as music can affect your mental state, it can have the same effect on your little listener. Songs are able to cheer up a child or toddler, calm and soothe him, which can pave the way for self-regulation. Music that focuses specifically on feelings can also help toddlers sort out their own emotions.