Feeding 5 day old twins at the same time… ?VIDEO

How do you feed two babies at the same time if you only have two arms? The logistics of meeting the needs of two children of the same age is one of the biggest challenges for parents of twins. Many cope with the help. But there are times when there is only one parent, and you need to feed both babies at the same time.

Many families find that life is much easier when they keep their children on the same schedule, and identical twins in particular often have similar metabolisms that cause them to fast at the same time. It is very effective to feed both babies at the same time. Families who choose to bottle feed their twins get extra hands; Mom is not the only source of food, as with breastfeeding.

Dad, grandparents, a nanny or other helpers can participate in the feeding process. However, in many cases it is necessary for one person to feed both children at the same time, and then it is useful to have a strategy. It takes some practice, but feeding two babies at the same time can be quite manageable.