Surprise quadruplet announcement at gender reveal party… ?VIDEO

Trying to come up with some creative ideas to make your floor stand out? Whether you’re looking for a classic and easy way to show off in a small meeting or want to go all out, we’ve rounded up some of the best unique ideas that are sure to spark your imagination. Many of these ideas can be customized to include siblings and create the perfect photo shoot to share with your child in the future.

Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong with pink or blue! Whether you’re in a room full of guests or just doing it with your family at home, finding out your baby’s gender with balloons will be fun and easy! Incorporate them into a game or pair them with confetti for fun – the ideas are endless. Balloon Pop Reveal: You can’t go wrong with popping a simple balloon full of confetti! A large balloon, which is easy to buy online, works best for this idea. Take a look at the one used in this celebration by Shining on Design – just poke it with a safety pin to enjoy pink or blue! If you have older kids, consider giving them a chance to have fun and pop a balloon like @annelinsta did.

Surprise for older children with a set of balloons. Another great way to get your older children involved in the big opening is to have them surprise you with a blue or pink balloon set. You can have a trusted adult pick up balloons and give them to your kids for a big show. @sazan has an adorable example of this idea when their child hid in another room and then surprised the parents with balloons.