Slice of joy! Babies have an ecstatic reaction when they tastes pizza for the first time… ?VIDEO

When your sweet little one transitions from a liquid to a solid diet, figuring out what to feed him becomes an exciting and stressful process. It’s pretty easy to start with traditional baby food puree, but things get a little tricky when they start eating food that they eat with their hands or if you’re trying to wean your baby off the breast. After all, you’ll want your child to join your family dinner tradition, but can kids eat pizza? Pizza is one of those foods that you might want to introduce to your child as early as possible.

First, it’s delicious and you want your little one to love it as much as you do. On the flip side, it makes eating easy and quick, so it’s definitely something that most parents will eventually want to incorporate into their daily routine. And who can miss pizza night? But there are questions. Is pizza safe for kids? Does this present a choking hazard? Is it too fat for their tiny tummies? If you submit it, how should you do it right?

Most doctors agree that kids can eat and enjoy pizza, but it’s probably best to wait until they are this year (at the earliest) before introducing pizza into their diet. Dr. Uma S. Levy, pediatrician at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage, recommends waiting until children are 12–15 months old. swallowing solid food with any texture before indulging in something like pizza.” And don’t feel like you have to wait for all those little teeth to erupt. “It doesn’t take that many teeth,” Levy adds. “Infants can chew most solid foods with their gums.”