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Most often, sprains in newborns are harmless and normal. If there are no other strange signs and symptoms accompanying their stretching movements, there is very little chance of an underlying problem. However, it is important to rule out very stiff muscles (hypertonicity) and episodes of seizures in neonates with unusual stretch behavior.

Most kids stretch a lot! They spoil your careful swaddling and stick out your arms and legs. It may be delicious at first, but it can get annoying if repeated over and over again. Maybe you were wondering… is this normal or not? Should I be worried? Let’s see what stretching means in a newborn and what movements we should beware of.

What does stretch mean? Stretching is one of the most frequent body movements of a newborn. For them, this is a way to learn to control their body and strengthen their muscles for future development. Although it is most commonly seen in babies between the ages of 2 and 3 months, it is still quite normal for newborns to stretch frequently. As long as there are no other unusual signs or symptoms associated with a sprain, there is a low risk that your child will have an anxiety disorder.