Grandma Made Up Amusing New Lyrics For A Patsy Cline Classic Just For Seniors

We all know that growing old isn’t particularly fun. But crooner Vera with her smooth, velvety voice and clever rewrite of Patsy Cline’s classic “I Fall to Pieces” takes aging in stride. As she performs a lighthearted piece about getting old, she dispenses wisdom with humor.

With more than five million views on Facebook, her birthday party performance has made her the latest internet sensation. Rewritten as “We Fall to Pieces,” Vera’s song is a humorous nod to the situations we face as we age. If you like parodies of famous songs or have family and friends who do, this video is one you will definitely want to share.

Dedicating her song to seniors, grandmotherly Vera begins her performance by saying “If any of you young people think it’s not true, I have news for you.” As she gently strums her way through the song, smiling and doling out knowledge and experience about aging, the audience can be heard chuckling over lines such as, “We fall to pieces each time we forget our Geritol.”

During her lighthearted performance, Vera encourages the audience to have fun. Her sweet rendition will melt your heart and brighten your day reminding you to enjoy all seasons of life to the fullest as she obviously does.