Life is like a dance. You rise, you fall, you spin and you crawl. But like the dance, life is beautiful, sometimes you are sharp and rough. Other days you are smooth and graceful… ?VIDEO

Many parents want to send their child to dances, but put it off, giving preference to intellectual circles. But dancing for children is not only an opportunity to move around and perform at a school holiday. Dance is useful for both physical and mental development of the child. Children’s choreography is necessary for every child.

It carries not only a charge of positive emotions, but also has many advantages over ordinary sports and other physical activity: dance helps children open up, get rid of bodily clamps, a sense of rhythm and bodily balance develops, and this leads to mental balance, stress resistance, emotions are lived in dance, using unusual movements, the child not only develops all muscle groups, but also forms new neural connections, group dance helps to feel like a part of a group and learn how to interact effectively with society, the child learns to accept and “hear” himself, gets rid of embarrassment and stiffness.