Twins: two unique souls united by birth. Born together, best friends forever… ?VIDEO

Twins have different DNA and have their own individual fingerprints, but they somehow stay in sync with each other from the moment they are born. This is probably because they have a deep bond from the moment they are conceived.

Parents should synchronize their maturation so that it is easier for the whole family to take turns taking care of them. It starts at birth. Parents should establish a healthy routine for twins to not only feed but, most importantly, put them to bed. Imagine how exhausting it would be for parents if each twin had their own feeding and sleeping schedule. Training will help them set a schedule for walking until they grow up.

Childhood is an exciting time for parents. This is the time when children start to become a little more independent as they already have a set schedule. They begin to think about their environment and can interact with people. The twins’ parents begin to notice that their interest in each other is starting to blossom.