Her beautiful smile is absolutely precious. She is a real angel… ?VIDEO

As a new parent, you often find yourself gawking at the sleeping knot you brought into the world, but what you never expected is to see your baby smile at you in their sleep. Your immediate reaction may be overwhelming love and adoration, or perhaps amusement.

But then you start to wonder, “What made my newborn smile in his sleep? It means something?” We answer all your questions about smiling in your sleep and help you understand why babies smile in their sleep. Why do children smile in their sleep? Well, it’s not entirely clear what causes it, but for starters, we can start by understanding sleep and its stages.

All people, both infants and adults, have two stages of sleep. Rapid eye movement stage (REM) and slow eye movement stage (NREM). As the names suggest, during REM sleep there is rapid movement of the eyes under the eyelids, while during non-REM sleep there is no movement.