Brothers take care of newborn siblings… ?VIDEO

If there is an older brother or sister at home, this happiness is multiplied with the newborn. However, this happiness brings with it a problem that we can deal with: jealousy. It is only natural that an older brother or sister may be jealous of a newborn brother or sister. Although this is a problematic situation for parents, pediatricians make them an offer with which they can positively solve this problem: to involve an older brother or sister in the care of the newborn. Well, how could this be done?

This week in Mom’s Land, we’re going to point out the importance of teaching an older sibling how to care for a newborn. With the birth of a newborn, the older brother may become a bit grumpy due to difficult feelings, especially jealousy. However, this is not a problem that cannot be solved; you may just need a little patience in managing this process. Specialists and doctors agree on a single decision: to share responsibility with the elder sister of the brother in caring for the newborn …

You will see that this will help family members improve themselves by taking care of each other. This will create a peaceful atmosphere in the family and allow children to grow up as self-confident individuals. This will strengthen family ties by enhancing the sense of mutual help and mutual assistance between siblings.

What can we do to get an older brother or sister to help their parents care for their newborn brother or sister? Here are some tips for you: During pregnancy, you should talk to him about the soon-to-be-born baby and tell them that he will be a brother or sister. You can positively excite him by telling him how valuable and important it is to be a big brother or sister. You can give him examples of older brothers and sisters in your family or in your immediate environment.