Big sister meeting baby brother for the first time… ?VIDEO

You can imagine that your new baby will instantly become the best friend of his older sibling the moment they meet. While you have visions of matching outfits, hugging before bed, and playing hide-and-seek in the backyard, it’s important to remember that bonding between siblings doesn’t always happen overnight. While you can’t accurately predict how your child will react to their new little sister or brother, you can help make their first meeting as smooth as possible. Here are some pediatrician-approved tips for meeting a new sibling that really work. Explain what will happen when the new baby comes home.

Just like talking to your partner about important childhood topics, talking to your older child about what life will be like after having a baby can help set up a first meeting and hopefully help with the transition into everyday life. It also gives them the opportunity to ask you questions. In addition, reading books for your child on how to welcome a new sibling can be fun and help them understand the complex changes that come with a new baby and go a long way in preparing your child for the arrival of a new one. brother or sister.

To find the best books to introduce you to your new sibling, check with friends and family members who have been through it. Also, if your older child has a favorite author or book series, see if there is a story associated with him about how he became an older sibling.