Learning fames are really very useful for your babies. This is a great idea to spend a great time with your kids. ?VIDEO

These indoor activities are designed to develop your one year old’s skills and keep them entertained. Fill clear plastic containers you have around the house with small items that your child can explore. Cover them with a lid, secure with tape if necessary, and let your baby twist them around to explore the contents.

Attach a roll of cardboard paper towel to the wall (or a roll of toilet paper) and have your child toss cotton balls at it. Watch how fast they think and have fun with this gutter game! Get a canvas from your local arts and crafts store, paint a few different colors on it, wrap it in plastic wrap, and let them blend the paint with your fingers. This little craft is safe, easy to clean and would make a great new living room gallery wall decoration!

Empty your water bottle (drink it!), then fill it up with popcorn, rocks, rice, etc. For extra security, secure the lid with duct tape and you have a homemade rattle. There are so many fun handprint and footprint animals that you can make with your little ones’ hands or feet. Plus, the feel of cool paint on hands and feet is a fun new sensation for toddlers.