Telling your mom “I’M PREGNANT!” Best reactions to pregnancy announcements… ?VIDEO

For many couples who want to start a family, a positive pregnancy test result is almost as good, if not better, than a winning lottery ticket. And just like winning the lottery, you want to tell your family, friends, and the world about your pregnancy!

Pregnancy, especially if it’s your first time, can be overwhelming. You may not know where to start! After all, so many changes are happening in your body right now and you are starting to grow your little person inside of you. It’s entirely possible and normal to want to keep the news to yourself. However, you can tell your partner if you haven’t already. You will be experiencing this moment together, so it’s best to let them know right away.

But for the rest, including your family and close friends, you can wait. While some people don’t mind announcing their pregnancy on the go, some people are more comfortable waiting until the doctor confirms the pregnancy.