Twins Merle and Stijn recognize and communicate with each other for the first… ?VIDEO

What could be better than the feelings of parents when they find out that they will have a child? This is when they find out they are having twins or multiples! The moment they realize this, they are already forming some hopes and dreams for their twins and are looking forward to how they will treat each other in the future.

If the twins are identical, will they grow the same not only in appearance but also in character? If they are fraternal, how will they be individually different? Can they tell them apart? Will they share toys and learn together? Will the twins grow up to be best friends? Will they be able to support each other in any difficult situation?

These are common questions that parents ask themselves the moment it dawns on them that they will be raising two children at the same time. But when do twins really start playing with each other? Here are some interesting facts about how twins interact with each other.