Babies’ amazing reactions when they see new toys… ?VIDEO

When choosing toys for your newborn, opt for safe, simple items that encourage exploration and outdoor play. Things like rattles and other grab toys, balls, gym equipment and board books are great for encouraging your baby’s developmental milestones during the first six months.

There are even special age-appropriate subscription boxes if you’re looking for a little more bang for your buck; Monti Kids and Lovevery boxes are especially good for educational games. To help you and your little one start developing important skills (and building a great toy collection), we’ve put together a list of the top favorite toys for newborns, 6-month-olds and up.

High contrast images (simple shapes and black and white images) are very important for a child’s vision development (you will find several high contrast images on this list). Pair it with soft, soft shapes, delicate folds and fun textures and baby can’t get enough of these sensory squares. Keep them separate for a personalized experience, or attach them to form a soft book.