Families meeting newborn babies for the first time… ?VIDEO

Are you introducing your child to family and friends this holiday season? Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are a great opportunity to get together with loved ones. But due to COVID, you may not have had the opportunity to introduce your child to everyone yet. And we can all imagine what will happen next: everyone wants to hold the child in their arms, give him a lot of love and share the joy. This can be exhausting for you and the baby.

Here are some tips for making sure everyone is happy when your newborn meets family and friends. During the first month after you bring your baby home, you may not want to have visitors because it can be exhausting. Don’t be afraid to ask guests for help. They can bring food, help around the house, or take care of pets, siblings. If you’d rather they spend time with the baby, set them up for childcare so you can focus on your needs.

It could be showering or sleeping, eating or running an errand. If you are traveling for the holidays, it is also important to live up to all expectations. Consider spreading out meetings or hosting multiple events with fewer people rather than one big event with more friends and family.