Babies enjoy life and have a great time on the beach… ?VIDEO

However, as a new parent, you are probably wondering if it is appropriate to take my child to the beach? It can be quite difficult to get yourself ready for an important day in the sun, not to mention that you need to think about all the things your baby will need!

Heat, sand, water – where to start?! This can certainly be one of the toughest outings for parents, but with a little advance planning, a good packing list, and some flexibility – as with anything traveling with kids – you’re in for a treat! Some of our fondest memories are of the beach with our kids and toddlers, even on cold windy days we love beach trips.

In fact, when entering the water with an infant, proceed with caution. Some babies love the comfort of being carried and being close to mom or dad the first time; some kids will freak out no matter the size of the waves. Try to find a calm beach or cove for their first swim in the ocean, and dip only your toes at first until they feel confident enough to get completely wet. You may prefer to introduce them to the water first and dive into the pool, which is more predictable than the surf.