Amazing triplets have a fantastic photoshoot at home… ?VIDEO

Photographing one newborn is challenging, but imagine having two! How do you light newborn twins so that one doesn’t cast shadows on the other? How do you place them? What about settings and which twin are you targeting? It was a topic we wanted to write about for a long time. So when Click Love Grow Advanced Grade student and family photographer Charlie O’Neil shared an amazing photo shoot of newborn twins she recently took, we asked her to share everything she learned!

Read on for her simple tips for photographing newborn twins at home… I recently had the pleasure of photographing newborn twins and fell in love. Twins have the most special relationship and it’s incredible to see and capture them even as babies.

A photo shoot of twins is not as scary as some people think! There are a few small considerations involved in positioning in relation to the light source, aperture and focus… but it’s really not that far off from photographing a single newborn baby.