The kids learn to swim. It’s their best hobby… ?VIDEO

Are you planning your baby’s first swim in the pool? Experts say you can give your baby water whenever you feel comfortable, as long as his belly button or circumcision has healed. Indeed, the younger the child, when he begins to splash, the more comfortable he will be in the pool. Be early birds. The city pool is less noisy in the mornings. Plus, your baby will (hopefully) rest well after a good night’s sleep.

The sun is also less strong until 10am, which reduces the risk of sun damage. However, she still needs sunscreen! Relax. Your baby can feel your mood. If you seem to be enjoying life, even if you are nervous, she will try to follow suit. Start slowly by dipping your little one’s fingers into the water so she can get used to the feel of the water on her skin.

Get wet. If the child seems satisfied, drip water all over his body, gradually increasing the amount. Once you’re in the pool, stay where you can stand easily and always hold on to her. Even in the paddling pool, always be at arm’s length.