Identical twin boys are splashing in the pool. They have great time together… ?VIDEO

Water play is a great way to keep your little one entertained. Your little one needs to be active for at least three hours a day to stay healthy. Splashing in the water will also help your little one be more coordinated and confident. Being in the water, he will feel differently – on the one hand, he will feel afloat, but his movements in the water will be slower and more deliberate. He will have to learn to think and react in new ways.

As beneficial as being in the water is for your little one, it’s important that you learn from them. Some babies love to dip their heads underwater, but others are a little intimidated. Some love to splash, while others prefer to splash quietly.

Most toddlers love the feeling of swimming they get while in the water. They can jump higher and descend softer. Others just don’t like being wet. So, when you introduce your toddler to water, keep an eye on what he’s comfortable with and let him take the water at his own pace.