Babies playing and having a great time with their grandparents… ?VIDEO

The desire of grandparents to spend a lot of time with their grandchildren, and in some cases to “spoil” them with treats and gifts, is well known and often joked about. However, grandparents can be a huge resource for busy families, offering much-needed help and providing love and support to their grandchildren.

Families who are lucky enough to live close to their grandparents can provide their children with the tremendous benefits they get from spending time with someone who knows them well and loves them unconditionally. Sometimes grandparents may share special activities with their grandchildren, such as sewing, gardening, or cooking, which are not only enjoyable but also important life skills.

In a world dominated by phone apps and computer screens, grandparents can also provide a great way for grandchildren to unplug and explore the world. Hiking, museum trips, visits to the parks, or backyard picnics are all examples of activities that many grandparents take the time to plan and share with their grandchildren. These activities provide the type of personal and undivided attention that children crave and need in order to grow into safe and happy adults.