Kid’s Candy Challenge. Testing toddler’s patience with a bowl of candy… ?VIDEO

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are using social media to kill time as many countries have gone into self-isolation. During this time, they interacted with their loved ones and enjoyed various social media challenges while practicing social distancing. Among the various games, puzzles and trends, the toddler candy contest has taken the internet by storm. Also known as the fruit snack challenge, it has become popular on TikTok recently.

What is a toddler test? People also share their hilarious baby candy videos on other social media. These days, the fruit snack challenge dominates the feed of social media users. However, some people have wondered what a toddler candy is. Here’s everything you need to know about baby candy.

Babies and candies are inseparable. Parents are currently testing their children’s patience with TikTok. They place a tempting snack in front of their child and ask for it after waiting a minute. At this time, the parents briefly leave the room. Toddler Candy Challenge tests their willpower, patience and obedience. That’s what a candy contest for toddlers is. What’s more, the TikTok challenge for toddlers has become quite funny and people enjoy watching videos on social media.

The TikTok Toddler Challenge is popular with the general public and celebrities. Gabrielle Union also sampled fruit snacks with her one-year-old daughter, Kaavia. She shared a response video on her official Instagram page. In a hilarious video clip, Union orders Kaavia to wait for the treat.
However, when she turns her back to leave the room, the little one gets up from the couch and puts her hand in the snack bowl. Union shared a video with various laughing emojis in the caption.