Little 15 months old twin boys try to balance on bikes… ?VIDEO

While this varies from child to child, it is possible to teach a child to ride a bike in as little as 45 minutes. However, this will depend on your child’s confidence and coordination, as the child’s first session aims to teach him how to balance and get used to the feeling of sitting on a bike. Kids bikes start at different levels.

To make them more confident when riding, we recommend using a balance bike or sidewalk bike with stabilizers. Balance bikes begin the simple process of learning to ride a bike by teaching your child how to balance. Children better understand how to balance because these bikes don’t have pedals. This allows your child to primarily focus on the feel of the bike, using their legs and feet to support themselves while walking, running and sitting on the bike. Balance bikes have two wheels, brakes, but no pedals, and are smaller and lighter than bikes with stabilizers.

They have been designed to be easy for your child to take on and off to practice riding. From the age of 8 months to two years, children can ride a balance bike and are suitable for children up to 5 years old. It really depends on what your child feels more confident with and of course what he enjoys riding the most.