Babies saying ”I Love You” for the first time… This video will surely melt your heart. ?VIDEO

A common question for new parents is when do babies start talking? Believe it or not, a child’s journey to two-way communication begins sooner than you think. Here is another proof of the incredibleness of babies: they begin to learn the language even before they are born! This is because the baby could hear you speak while in the womb and became familiar with the rhythm and sounds of the language you spoke.

In fact, research shows that babies whose moms read certain books to them during pregnancy prefer listening to those books after birth, as evidenced by an increase in their sucking movements. But when exactly do babies start talking—or real words? The “talking to the child” stage is especially exciting. Few things are as special as watching your baby begin to babble, form words, and eventually put those words together into sentences. Of course, each child’s speech path is different, but there are some general cues and milestones to pay attention to during speech development.

Moreover, there are ways to encourage the child to start making associations and forming words. Ready to downgrade your language? When do babies start babbling? At what age do children start talking? And what words can you hear first? Follow along to find out what you can expect and what to do if your child isn’t reaching certain milestones.