Tips to help your child enjoy new foods… ?VIDEO

Once your child has started eating solid foods, it is important to give them a wide variety of foods from the 4 main food groups: fruits and vegetables, starchy carbohydrates, lactic legumes, meat and other proteins. Introducing a child to a variety of foods from the very beginning will help set him up for a healthy diet throughout his life. This is a great habit that will hopefully help you avoid fussy eating and make your life a little easier as your child gets older.

Tips for when you give your child new foods. Do not rush. Leave plenty of time for eating, especially at first. Rushing or forcing your baby can lead to feeding problems. Walk at your child’s pace and stop when he shows you he’s had enough. Don’t delay eating until your child is hungry or tired to eat. Offer different products. Babies love to choose for themselves and sometimes it takes a while to get used to different foods.

Continue to offer a variety of products and gradually introduce new products. Offer less sugary vegetables. Offer unsweetened vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach from the start. Be patient. It may take your child 10 or more attempts to accept a new food, especially as they get older.

They may make funny faces, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like it. They just get used to new tastes and textures. Food eaten with the hands. Encourage your child to eat with their fingers. This way they can show you how much they want to eat and it will help them get used to different foods and textures. It is also good for developing hand-eye coordination. As a general rule, the best food to eat with your fingers is food that can be cut into pieces large enough for your child to hold in his fist and protrude from above. Pieces the size of your own finger work well.