The ball pits are fantastic therapeutic tools for your baby’s development… ?VIDEO

Children love ball pools; however, this seems like an odd addition to an aerial yoga studio, right? Ball pits give children the opportunity to jump, swim and hide. This fun sensory experience also has many therapeutic benefits and is a great addition to yoga classes for kids. Ball pits provide an opportunity to practice mindfulness. Hide some smaller balls and invite the children to use their tactile and visual skills to find the balls. This activity improves attention and concentration.

Ball pits can also encourage cooperative play and social skills when two children work together on something in the ball pit. If the balls roll out of the ball pit, children can work on hand-eye coordination by throwing the balls back into the pit. The ball pit at Mindful Child Aerial Yoga is made from a soft material that offers a quiet place to breathe and be calm. Kids love it when we put them in the touch station.

Ball pits are fantastic therapeutic tools for working with body awareness, motor planning, proprioception, and tactile input. Ball pits can provide endless therapeutic benefits! Children have the opportunity to train their sensory system while remaining mindful, relaxed and, most importantly, having fun.