Seeing your child happy is the greatest charm… ?VIDEO

Every parent dreams of their children growing up to be kind, cheerful and self-confident people, but not everyone can imagine how to do this. In fact, making a child happy is very simple, the main thing is to want it! The most important thing a child needs is parental attention. Make it a rule to spend at least two hours a day exclusively with your child, without being distracted by any other business. Ask how his day went, what worries him, what new things he learned today.

It is thanks to parental attention that the baby feels stability and feels completely safe. Caring for the baby can be manifested in any little thing: instead of setting an alarm clock for the baby, wake him up with a gentle kiss and hugs; before you leave the baby in the kindergarten, remind him of how much you love him; let your child at least occasionally exercise independence, even if it is just choosing clothes for kindergarten or a book that mom will read before bed. Teach your baby to help those who need it for free, because only this will contribute to the formation of a feeling of compassion, kindness and the ability to share with others in the crumbs.

You can collect together with the baby the clothes from which he grew up and the toys that he no longer plays with, and take them with him to the orphanage. Always teach your child to share everything he has: if you give him a bag of caramels, explain the importance of sharing candies with friends or acquaintances who are nearby. Seeing that his noble impulses are appreciated, the baby will want to do good deeds in the future. In order for the baby to grow up kind and compassionate, you need to set an example for him and start with a web.