This is one of the great parenting moments you’ve been waiting for. Babies are laughting for the first time… ?VIDEO

This is one of the great parenting moments you’ve been waiting for – and once you hear your baby’s laughter for the first time, you can’t get enough of the sound, whether it’s laughter, giggles, or full stomach laughter. Your baby has been experimenting with sounds since the first month of life, cooing, gurgling and sighing hoarsely. Laughter is the next step in learning to communicate. Continue to encourage giggles and coos by talking to your child often.

It may seem silly to chat with someone whose conversational skills are limited to a few vowels and gurgles, but that’s how your child starts learning language and laughing. And by pausing in your tongue twister, you not only give her the opportunity to step in and check her voice, but also demonstrate how the conversation works. Babies often laugh or smile in their sleep.

And while no one knows exactly what your little one is dreaming about, she probably doesn’t remember one of your stupid faces – as good as it is. Chances are your baby is starting what’s known as an active sleep cycle. Babies may make involuntary movements during this stage of sleep, including smiling, chuckling, and giggling.