Newborn baby have bath for the first time… ?VIDEO

Your baby’s first bath is an exciting milestone, but handling a tiny, slippery body in the water can be a little nerve-wracking. However, your newborn baby’s first bath is actually a joy – and in the early days and weeks, you don’t dip your baby in the water at all.

For some newborn bathing tips, how often you should bathe your baby, and the benefits you both get when you wash him, read on. Wondering when is the best time to bathe a newborn and when to bathe a baby for the first time? Planning this event is entirely up to you, as long as you choose a moment where you won’t be interrupted and tempted to rush into the bath. You should probably schedule your baby’s first bath within a week of birth.

Just don’t bathe your newborn right after a feed or when he’s overtired. Babies tend to be more alert in the morning, which some enjoy, although others may celebrate it in the early evening as part of her good night. When it’s time to calm down, make bathing part of a relaxing pre-bed routine that also includes a final bottle or feeding session, a book, and a little song.