Legendary moment when kids meet the newborn baby for the first time… ?VIDEO

It’s time to welcome the new baby that has been growing inside of you for so many months now! You should be encouraged and excited now that you’ve been through this before, and you’re more confident and calm about the thought of work. Let the first born know that he is always the priority, welcomed with hugs and kisses, and giving his full attention.

If the newborn is in your arms, quickly hand it over to dad or a family member near you and greet the older child with open arms before introducing the new baby. It would reassure you that you’re still the same old mommy. Since you helped wrap the gift for the newborn, make the moment special and amazing by giving your big brother or sister a gift from a newborn, mom and dad. Make sure you call your child by their first name, or say “our child” or “your little sister or brother.”

Tell him to talk to his brother and sister and say, “Your brother or sister wants to hear from you; he recognizes your voice because he always heard you from his mother’s tummy. Throw a party to welcome the new one! Let the older child fully participate, blow out the balloons, blow out the candles, cut the cake, which will make them happy that they can do so many things that the baby cannot do yet.