The little twins put themselves to bed… They’re so adorbale and obedient. ?VIDEO

They are so sweet and obedient. Moms and dads spend most of the day in innocent battles with their children. Part of the job is making sure they eat their greens, clean their rooms, and generally just be good. But imagine what would happen if they resignedly performed all these “uninteresting” actions.

For example, you ask them once and they actually do it. These parents’ dreams came true when their twin babies put themselves to bed. No, really, they really do it right when they’re told, without getting into fights. This is what you must see to believe. It’s only when you’re an adult that you look forward to going to bed.

Because for a child who has too much fun, this is the last thing he wants to do. A mom named Kristin made a surprising discovery about her 18-month-old twins Zack and Chris. They loved going to bed! All she had to do was say, “Go to bed,” and they went to bed. One night, Kristin hit the record button and filmed their performance to share with her family.