This cute babies enjoy playing with water… ?VIDEO

Playing with water is exactly what it sounds like – H2O plus any suitable items that can be used for scooping, pouring, splashing and more. All you need is a few plastic cups, buckets, sponges, and light toys to float on the surface of the water.

Older children can use large spoons, plastic eyedroppers, mini watering cans, and other containers that require more dexterity. Playing with water is a sensory extravaganza as children feel wetness, hear splashes, see bubbles and waves, and maybe even taste a few drops.

And when children play in the water, they develop gross motor skills, since it takes some strength to push the water and move it back and forth. The child’s word bank can also be replenished with water activities, as creative play is part of this activity. For example, you can ask your little one if she is washing her car, cleaning her teddy bear, or cooling off on a sweaty day.