A four months old baby sings along with mom when he falls asleep… ?VIDEO

What is the relationship between singing and health? Explanations can be very different, some focus on breathing exercises, others talk about spiritual and bodily harmony. In any case, music and singing will teach you to enjoy life and help you recover from many diseases. As soon as the baby begins to pronounce the first sounds and words, he tries to hum invented or previously heard melodies.

It is noticed that singing is one of the most favorite activities for many children. And this is very cool, because singing is incredibly beneficial for the body, and not only for children. It is important that parents do not forbid the kids to sing, but, on the contrary, encourage this activity and contribute to it in every possible way, for example, by learning new children’s songs and singing together. A well-known Japanese entrepreneur and creator of innovative ideas for raising and educating children, Masaru Ibuka, believes that hearing loss is an acquired phenomenon.

If the mother has no hearing, and the baby listened to her songs every day, then he will have a distorted hearing. If there had been no hearing at all, he would not have been able to reproduce the false notes of his mother’s melodies. Such children can be retrained if they constantly sing or listen to children’s lullabies, but in the right sound. All people have absolute pitch, it is another matter, it can be muffled or spoiled under the influence of wrong melodies heard in infancy.