This 1,5 years old kid impresses with his amazing dance moves… ?VIDEO

There are several reasons why dance classes can be beneficial for your child. The first of them – dancing classes help to increase muscle tone and improve their work, form the correct posture, increase flexibility, develop the ability to keep balance and coordination. The second reason is that dancing helps the child to discover and develop the talent that is inherent in him by nature itself.

Dancing classes contribute to the intellectual and emotional development of the baby. The child begins to feel the beauty of movements, his self-confidence and self-esteem grows. Children learn to properly evaluate themselves and other people, respect other people’s abilities and shortcomings. Dancing is a natural way for kids to express themselves – another reason to attend dance classes.

Any child will find and feel in the dance what he really needs. If you want to add confidence to your shy and timid son, instill a love of sports, teach him discipline, develop creative abilities, then sports ballroom dancing for children is the best choice. As well as for your little princess, who, thanks to ballroom dancing, will acquire a beautiful slender figure and regal posture. It is no coincidence that dance lessons for children were included in the education program in noble families.

Ballroom dancing helps children acquire beautiful and refined manners, and boys can feel like real gentlemen. The fourth reason for taking dance classes is to teach your child how to express their feelings and thoughts. At the same time, it does not matter at all whether he will continue to dance professionally. Dance is an art form that involves the child in the world of movement and rhythm, feeling and thinking at the same time.