Dad tears up after holding his baby for the first time… ?VIDEO

In the first hour after birth, your baby will feel very comfortable with skin-to-skin contact with your partner. But if your partner cannot have skin-to-skin contact, you can do so with your child. While awake, your baby will also want to be picked up and briefly look into your eyes. This is called “mutual gaze”.

The combination of hugs and mutual gaze stimulates your child’s brain and makes him feel calm and secure. You all need to overcome the physical consequences and emotions of childbirth. But your partner is especially in need of rest and recovery, so this may be the time you can start taking care of your child.

Some dads are relieved, excited, or enthusiastic that they now have a part to play, especially if they felt a little alienated from their baby during pregnancy. The trick is to control yourself and balance your enthusiasm by sitting back and noticing what your partner and child need.