What happens when kids help their moms in housework… ?VIDEO

You must have asked this question many times. It’s hard to do housework when you have a child who demands your attention all day long. Today we will share our best mom hacks to do housework with baby at home. The first few weeks or even the first month at home with a newborn is hard work. The baby needs to be fed every couple of hours, regularly spit up and change diapers. And you will function on very little sleep.

In addition, you need to vacuum the house, wash the dishes and do the laundry. So how do you get through this with a child? Read on to find out our best mom hacks for doing chores with a baby at home. It’s important to prepare and plan for the postpartum period so you can focus on your baby, get enough sleep when your baby sleeps, and help your body recover from delivery.

During the third trimester, prepare as many frozen meals as you can and stock up on a freezer. Stock up on essential household items. Also, take the time to declutter and organize every room in the house so you’re well prepared for baby care.