This is so precious, beautiful and adorable moment… Baby and Grandpa are having conversation! ?VIDEO

It is important to communicate with the special people in our lives to remind them that we love and appreciate them. But in our busy, busy lives, we may not find time for days or weeks to express our sincere feelings for our children’s grandparents. We get so caught up in our hectic schedules that we forget to say, ‚ÄúThank you for being such a special part of our family’s life. We really appreciate everything you do for us.” Take a moment to express gratitude on Grandparents’ Day. You can also create reminders for yourself to say thank you at other times throughout the year.

Situations vary from family to family, but in many cases, parents want their children to spend some time alone with their grandparents. Depending on the needs and ages of your children, try to arrange one-on-one time for the grandparents and their grandchildren so they can bond and continue to build that special relationship. When my eight children were very young, my relatives were always delighted when I invited them to hang out with us. I could run errands without the little ones in tow, and Grandma and “Bop” could enjoy hands-on time playing, reading, going out and doing whatever they wanted. They were never in a hurry.

By being able to give their full attention, they made my children feel like the most important people in the world. If distance is a problem for building close relationships with grandparents, you need to get creative. You want your kids to be able to know and connect with their grandparents no matter how many miles between you. Make regular family visits to your grandparents a priority. Clear your calendar and plan a trip where you can spend a few days of quality time, or arrange to meet somewhere halfway in a fun place. These trips will create special memories for years to come and show your children that you value their relationship with their grandparents.